New Glock 17M, Gen5?

There are some leaked pictures hitting the web today. It was reported first today by (TFB), who obtained some pictures from Indianapolis PD officers being issued the new G-17M yesterday. Several places/bloggers/youtubers and meany more in the firearm industry started to post photos of the firearm, they have seen or shot. So it is safe to say this might be the Gen5 Glock.  Usually new Glocks are leaked way before they actually hit the street. I am quite surprised we did not here anything about them. Glock keep a good lid on it this time.  It is reported that a G-19M is also coming.   This is probably the new weapon that the FBI purchased.  Thought we would get these photos out to our readers ASAP.

Glock G-17M
Glock G-17M

Looks like a mix of a Gen2 and Gen4 Glock, with more ambidextrous features.  Some of the new features are reported as follows:

1. New, “tougher” finish
2. Different rifling / traditional rifle grooves
3. Longer RSA
4. Reinforced front RSA notch
5. Smoother trigger
6. Flared / beveled magwell
7. Gen2 like Front Strap/ No Finger Groves
8. Safety plunger is oblong/rectangular G42/G43 like
9. Ambidextrous slide release
10. Magazine well cut out / like old Gen2 & Gen3


Glock G-17M
Glock G-17M
Ambidextrous Slide Stop
Ambidextrous Slide Stop
No Finger Grooves / Gen2 like Front Strap
No Finger Grooves / Gen2 like Front Strap
New Longer Recoil Assembly
New Longer Recoil Assembly
Glock G-17M
Glock G-17M



8 thoughts on “New Glock 17M, Gen5?”

  1. I’m glad they tossed the exploding barrels, so folks can shoot lead. Rugged-er finish, that’s awesome! Reminds me of a Gen2, I hate the way G2 look and I actually liked the finger grooves. The rail looks crushed, don’t like the look of it. Why don’t they just make it picatinny for God sakes? Good idea to increase the RSA to tame the recoil frequency. Hopefully the smoother trigger has a shorter reset? I think I’ll wait for Gen6, so I don’t have to buy an aftermarket trigger.

    1. You can shoot lead in standard Glock barrels; you just need to use bullets cast from an alloy hard enough that it won’t lead the barrel. I shoot lead through my Glocks, and I know plenty of others who do as well.

  2. Wow glad we can do comments again! I like my gen 3 G17 and the finger grooves don’t bother me, but I would try the new model for kicks.

  3. Would try, but the actually the finger grooves on gen 3 models don’t bother me. What does bother me is needing to buy a new extractor so brass doesn’t get tossed at my eyeballs, but past that Glocks have been good to me.

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