EXCALIBUR !! ( at least my modular version)

A while ago I posted up the details on my person work horse carbine. it was called “A boy and his AR15” and I had used the setup in the article for a long time.   But, being human, there is always something else I wished I could tweak and that was the color. And of course a few new products came along.  When Colt Defense started selling carbines with anodizing other then Milspec black, I became interested. When I saw they offered the 6920 I really paid attention. After the FDE anodized 6940 was offered,I immediately lusted for it.  I like black fine but lets be honest, it stands out like..well,, black.  Fashion sense aside, black stands out like a sore thumb and the other earthy colors blend in better over all and especially when being carried by some one in camo, trying to keep a low profile.

So, I got one and immediately started switching all my user preferences over to the FDE carbine once its reliability was confirmed to my satisfaction.


Now of course, there have been a few changes since my original article and not just the finish of the gun. A few very, very worth having products came out. I tried them and decided with no hesitation , that they are worth upgrades that do enhance your performance.  So, as a updating on the original break down on my hard use carbine, I will detail my current set up.


Starting with this picture you can see I swapped the Tango Down battle grip out for the BCM gunfighter MOD ) grip.  The new almost straight angle is all the rage these days and to be honest, it really is worth it.  It is not a must have, but it does give a more straight rear ward pull for the trigger and it is more comfortable.  It also offers a lot more storage space inside  over the TD and you can get it in a couple different versions.  Also new is the Tactical Link sling mount just behind the castle nut and it bolts onto the receiver extension. It is plastic, but it has stainless bushing that every thing screws into. It is solid and easy to use. It gives a nice QD sling point with no alteration of the factory parts. That is something I like a lot. I feel no need to screw with certain parts of a factory carbine. I am of the strong opinion that Colt knows more about how to make a AR15 then I do.  You can read y review of it else where on the website.   The other new tactical Link part is the EBAL.  Which is a Battery assist lever. To make a long story ( that you can read the full story else where on the site)  it is what the magpul BAD lever wishes it could be.  It is a superior product to the BAD lever in every way.  And you can get it in other colors then black if that matters to you.

The charging handle is no longer the medium  BCM Gunfighter. It is  now the smallest model they offer.  I still found the extended version a little too big for me and had it catch and drag on too much of my gear.  The smallest is indeed the sweet spot I was looking for.


Above the charging handle is the Knights armament micro BUIS.  Howard and I have a definite preference for the KAC sights, and a lot of other KAC products.  There is zero chance I will ever use a BUIS not made by KAC.  The mag release is the Norgon ambi catch and I use the geissele ssa trigger.  I use this trigger in two carbines now.  It is nice to have, but make sure you master your gun and the basics before you worry about lighter match type triggers. They do not make the gun or you more accurate.


The same could be said for the ambi safety. I use the KAC ambi safety and see little chance of me changing it out. Even the Colt model ambi safety current issue to the military offers no improvement over the Knights I see worth swapping to. The KAC safety is modular and comes with three different pieces. The scalloped right side I use, a full length right side and a piece that replaces the right side and makes it single side only. I love it and feel it is as imperative to have a ambi safety on my carbine as much as I want it on my side arms.


Moving forward. I still use the Aimpoint T-1 with the  near perfect Larue mount. But, now, I also use the IO  Tango down  T1 cover. I also use the KAC over sized battery cover/brightness setting knob on the T-1 to make it easier to adjust in all conditions.   I also use the Norgon ambi catch that can be seen on the lower as well as the  KAC QD sling point mounted to the rear of the monolithic rail.


The front of the gun has my light of course. I use a Surefire Scout light in the original mount but with the addition of the Vampire head for white light and IR light to work with my PVS-14s.  I use the remote surefire SR07 switch to operate the light. It snaps onto the a rail adn gives you a pressure switch and a clicky on/off button all built in together. This is also something I dearly love.  I use the Larue index clips to route the wire and hold it in place as well as cover all the area of the rail not being used.   I would use the KAC rail panels but they will not work on the 6940 rail without modification and they are not as customizable as the Larue clips.


Another change I recently made is the use of the Tango Down stubby VFG. I was sent one of them by TD to to write about and found I like it better then anything else I have tried. So now it is standard for me.


To work with the Vampire head for the scout light is my PVS14.  I use the PVS on the carbine or head mounted depending on what I am doing. The T-1 works perfectly with the NOD when turned to the NV setting and the vampire head acts as a flood light that only NVG can see. I use the standard rifle mount for the PVS14 so far and since I wear it on my head more then the rifle, I find it does all I need it to do.


As before, my buttstock is the Magpul CTR. There are a lot of stocks out there now, but it is still hard to beat the CTR.  For a carbine I like it the best if I am trying to keep the gun light and use a red dot.  For anything else, I will use the SOPMOD  or EMOD with a bias to the SOPMOD.   I love the CTR for carbines though and its ability to lock up is something I really like.


Not something on the gun, but something I feel strong about enough to mention. The Lancer AWM mags are the finest mags I have used, and I have used a lot.  It is hard to beat the good old Pmag, but the AWM is the next step in the evolution of mags to me, with its polymer and steel mixed to give one helluva tough mag. I could rant on how great I think these are all day, but I am too lazy and I risk being beaten by the magpul fanatics who refuse to try anything else.


As always, my sling is the Vickers Combat applications sling with QD swivels. I have switched to the padded version recently.  I like the padding, but the sling is made cheaper without the metal hardware the older models had. I find this a huge let down.  It can be fixed partly by using the metal triglides from a issue sling, but the tri glide that allows you to yank on it to lengthen the ling is no longer metal and can not be replaced.  Big let down to me.

Thats it. My tastes stay close to the same and I use what works best for me. I rarely change from something I find works great and is absolutely dependable. It has to really impress me before I will change over to something newer. But sometimes obvious upgrades do come along and I am not afraid to try new things.  The 6940 is a standard Colt except for the FDE anodizing and it is anodizing not duracote or paint.   Everything is the same Colt quality with a Monolithic upper with rail and milspec barrel with 1/7 twist.  Everything is the same on the 6940 other then the finish.  I am hoping we get the FDE anodized LE901 soon.  My plan is to have the FDE 901 and the FDE 6940 as a set to be used together with the adapter block and  have the 901 lower SBR’ed to use a variety of barrel lengths.  But until then I just have to wait.


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